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Want to be a FIJI?

“We are not only recruiting men who we can identify with, but men we can see replacing ourselves as the future of Phi Gamma Delta.”

New Member Process
Phi Gamma Delta’s new member process gives each new member the opportunity to become acquainted with the history and values of the fraternity. The process includes formal education as well as informal brotherhood events which strengthen relationships between long-standing brothers and new members. Getting to know undergraduate and graduate brothers is a critical part of becoming a brother as well as advancing the fraternity.

The new member process is a positive learning experience designed to teach pledges about what it means to be a Fiji. Your process should be remembered for your growth as a person and the new friendships you will develop. The new member process is not a time for meaningless tasks; hazing is neither appropriate nor acceptable and has no contribution to the brotherhood of any fraternity.

Why go Greek?
A fraternity is an associations of men with common ideals and aspirations who seek to advance not only themselves but their brothers as well. Men in fraternities have on average higher GPA’s, become more involved on campus, and have a broad network of men to rely upon after graduation.

Fall 2024 Recruitment

At this point, we are preparing for Fall '24 Recruitment. While that schedule and interest form will be released next fall, feel free to reach out to our Recruitment Chairs with any questions:

Sam Steed: 513-543-5003

Brady Homan: 513-505-7093

Brandon Ricotta: 630-797-1259

Recruitment: Recruitment
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